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          What is the Surface Cleaning of Aluminum Ingots

          Date:2020-04-27 21:29 Popularity:

          Surface cleaning is an important step in the processing of aluminum ingots, but the workload is quite large. It is necessary to use modern technology for cleaning. If mechanical equipment is used for cleaning, what should be done?

          Cut the gate and flash. The equipment used to cut gates and flashes are mainly punches, hydraulic presses and friction presses. Under large-scale production parts, special molds can be designed according to the structure and shape of the casting, and the cleaning task can be completed on the puncher at one time.

          Surface cleaning and polishing. Surface cleaning usually uses ordinary polygonal rollers and vibration-embedded cleaning devices. For small and small pieces in small batches, multi-angle cleaning rollers can be used. Decorations with high surface requirements can be polished with cloth or leather polishing wheels. For mass-produced castings, spiral shell vibration cleaners can be used.

          The cleaned aluminum ingot castings can also be surface treated and impregnated in accordance with the requirements of use to increase gloss, prevent corrosion, and improve air tightness. Therefore, the cleaning of the casting surface is very necessary for the casting.

          After the above steps, the surface cleaning work of the aluminum ingot casting is completed. In the operation process, we must master the correct method and specification to ensure the cleaning quality and achieve the result with less effort.

          What is the reason for the popularity of aluminum ingots?

          Aluminum ingot is a widely used finished material in the industrial field. It can be used to produce many types of aluminum products. Die-cast aluminum ingots are transported and used in the future. The following is 99.9% aluminum ingot supplier introduced to everyone a high-pressure die-casting technology:

          The faster route of high pressure die casting makes the molten metal a complete component. This can be done by injecting molten metal into a hard steel mold, tool, allowing it to cool and solidify before it is removed. This process provides an accurate, fast and low-cost production method for aluminum and zinc die castings, which meets the needs of high-tech industries, Tianjin aluminum ingot manufacturers. The appearance and dimensional tolerances of the product are critical and the volume is not always large. Aluminum is a very important metal manufacturing because of its versatile properties and various applications. Two treated metals and their alloys are in different industries.