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          Application of Aluminum Ingots

          Date:2020-04-27 21:33 Popularity:

          There are two major categories of industrial aluminum ingots: cast aluminum alloys and deformed aluminum alloys. Cast aluminum alloys are produced by a casting method, and deformed aluminum alloys are produced by press working, such as: plates, strips, foils, tubes, rods, shapes, wires and forgings.

          According to the national standard, aluminum alloy ingots for remelting are divided into 8 grades according to chemical composition, which are Al99.90, Al99.85, Al99.70, Al99.60, Al99.50, Al99.00, Al99.7E, Al99.6E. Some people call "A00" aluminum, which is actually aluminum with a purity of 99.7%, which is called "standard aluminum" in the London market. Everyone knows that China technical standards in the 1950s came from the former Soviet Union. "A00" is the Russian brand in the Soviet national standard. "A" is the Russian letter, not the English "A", nor is it a Chinese pinyin letter. "A".

          For aluminum-silicon (Al-Si) alloys, the mass fraction of Si is generally 4% to 22%. Because Al-Si alloy has excellent casting properties, such as good fluidity, good air tightness, small shrinkage and small tendency to warm, after modification and heat treatment, it has good mechanical properties, physical properties, corrosion resistance and medium Machining performance is the most widely used alloy in cast aluminum alloys.

          The characteristics and applications of common cast Al-Si alloys are as follows: ZL101 (A) alloy ZL101 alloy has good air tightness, fluidity and resistance to hot cracking. The aluminum alloy ingots factory has medium mechanical properties, welding properties and corrosion resistance. The composition is simple and easy to cast. It is suitable for Various casting methods. ZL101 alloy has been used for complex parts under medium load, such as aircraft parts, instruments, instrument housings, engine parts, automotive and marine parts, cylinder blocks, pump bodies, brake drums and electrical parts. In addition, based on ZL101 alloy, the content of impurities is strictly controlled, and the ZL101A alloy with higher mechanical properties obtained through improved casting technology has been used to cast various shell parts, aircraft pump bodies, automotive gearboxes, and fuel Box elbows, aircraft accessories and other load-bearing parts.