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          Copper Wire Scrap

          Date:2020-04-27 22:18 Popularity:

          Copper Wire Scrap

          Cheap copper scrap mill berry 99.9%, No.1 bright copper wire scrap

          Introduction Copper Wire Scrap

          -Introduce: Cheap copper scrap mill berry 99.9%, No.1 bright copper wire scrap


          -Primary advantages

          -Why should I buy

          Cheap copper scrap mill berry 99.99%, No.1 bright copper wire scrap

          High purity copper wire scrap 99.95% to 99.99% with lower price

          Copper wire scrap 1. High quality with best price 2. Well reputation 3. Factory supply

          Copper wire 99.95% Good electrical and thermal conductivity scraps

          -What makes this product different to ?

          high purity

          factory price

          Hot sale

          Purity: 99.95% min


          Main functions

          -Key Features

          Copper is a transition element, chemical symbol Cu, English copper, atomic number 29. Pure copper is a soft metal, with a metallic luster of red orange color when the surface is just cut, and the single substance is purplish red. It has good ductility, high thermal conductivity and conductivity, so it is the most commonly used material in cables, electrical and electronic components, and it can also be used as a building material, which can form many kinds of alloys. Copper alloy has excellent mechanical properties and low resistivity, among which bronze and brass are the most important. In addition, copper is also a durable metal, which can be recycled many times without damaging its mechanical properties.

          Divalent copper salt is the most common copper compound. Its hydrated ions are usually blue, while chlorine as ligand is green. It is the source of the colors of minerals such as chalcopyrite and turquoise, and has been widely used as pigments in history. When the copper building structure is corroded, it will produce copper green (basic copper carbonate). Decorative arts mainly use copper and copper containing pigments.

          Copper is one of the earliest metals used by human beings. As early as prehistoric times, people began to dig open-pit copper mines and use the copper to make weapons, tools and other utensils. The use of copper had a profound impact on the progress of early human civilization. Copper is a kind of metal existing in the earth's crust and ocean. The content of copper in the crust is about 0.01%. In some copper deposits, the content of copper can reach 3% - 5%. Most of the copper in nature exists in compounds, namely copper ores.

          The activity of copper is weak. The reaction between iron and copper sulfate can replace copper. Copper is insoluble in non oxidizing acids.


          is a non-ferrous metal closely related to human beings, and is widely used

          Copper as inner conductor

          Copper as inner conductor

          It is used in electric, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, national defense industry and other fields, and is second only to aluminum in the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China. Copper is a red metal, but also a green metal. It is said to be a green metal, mainly because it has a low melting point and is easy to remelt and remelt, so it is quite cheap to recycle. In ancient times, it was mainly used for the casting of utensils, works of art and weapons, and the more famous utensils and works of art, such as houmu Wuding and Siyang fangzun.


          Copper Wire Scrap diameter: 1.2mm / single, 1.5mcopper wirem / single, 1.75mm / single. 2.0mm / single

          15mm/stranding 18mm/strangding 22mm/stranding 25mm / stranding 28mm/stranding

          Copper Wire Scrap weight/reel: 1000kg / bag

          Copper Wire Scrap tensile strength: 1000 N/mm2, 900 N/mm2, 500 N/mm2, 450 N/mm2, N/mm2

          Copper Wire Scrap purity: 99.9% minimum

          Capacity: 2000 mt/mt/month

          Copper Wire Scrap usage:

          Electronics, light industry, machinery, construction, national defense industries

          Copper Wire Scrap is an important raw material source.


          Composition and materials

          Payment method

          TT 30%  Receive copy of bill of lading 70%


          Copper Wire ScrapCopper