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          Magnesium ingot with high quality

          Date:2020-04-28 16:01 Popularity:

          Magnesium ingot with high quality

          Magnesium Ingots 99.9%

          Supply Ability:1000 Metric Metric Tons per Month

          Packaging & Delivery

          Packaging Details about 1mt per Bundle

          Loading Port :Tianjin Port,China

          Lead Time: 10days after receiving order from the clients


          99.99%  high purity magnesium ingot

          1) ISO9001:2008 

          2) Reputation and Quality first 

          3) Mg content: 99.9%, 99.98%, 99.99%, etc. 

          4) Unit Weight: 7.5kg


          Commodity: Magnesium Ingot

           Mg content:99.9%,99.95%,99.98%,99.99%

           Ingot weight: 7.5kg,8kg,etc.


          About 1000Kgs/Mg pallet covering with plastic bag, or according to customer’s requirement.

          Ingot weight :