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          Lead Ingot

          Date:2020-04-27 22:30 Popularity:

          Key Specifications/Special Features:

          Item: Lead ingot

          Size : 645*128*90mm

          Ingot Weight : 24kg±1kg

          Bundle Weight : 1,050kg

          Packing: lead ingot was wrapped by non-corrosive packing tape.

          Transport storage

          1. Lead ingots shall be transported by means of transport without corrosive substances to prevent rain.

          2. Lead ingots should be stored in ventilated, dry and non-corrosive storage rooms.

          3. White, grey-white or yellowish-white film formed on the surface of lead ingots during transportation and storage is determined by the nature of lead oxidation and is not used as a basis for scrapping.


          1. lead-acid storage batteries.

          2. Ammunition, cable sheathing and building construction materials

          3. Counterweights, bettery clamps

          4. Cast products such as: bearing, ballast, gaskets, type metal etc.