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          Antimony Ingot with high quality 99.86%

          Date:2020-04-28 15:59 Popularity:

          Antimony Ingot with high quality 99.86%

          Antimony ingot:


          1.Antimony is one kind of non-ferrous metal, silvery white solid with polish and crisp character

          2.There are two allotropes: yellow anamorphosis is stable at 90°C

          3.Stable form of antimony is metal anamorphosis

          4.Packing: about 25kg/ingot, packed in wooden case, net weight 1000kg/case, or as customer's requirements

          5.Antimony Ingot CAS no.: 7440-36-0

          6.Export trade terms: FOB, CFR or CIF

          7.Minimum order quantity: 20.0MT


          As the alloy hardener, it is used in metallurgy, accumulator and war industry

          It is also the raw material of antimony oxide

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